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Tripp Guinn

Chef Tripp Guinn
Owner & Executive Chef

Tripp established The Catery on Broad in 2009 after owning and operating Carolina Café in the Dusty Bend area of Camden. He trained and worked with Mr. Jack Brantley for years. His love for hospitality, hosting parties and creating delicious food made catering the perfect industry for him! He enjoys meeting each client and creating a perfect, one of a kind menu for them. He is renowned for creating a wide variety of flavors and dishes. He is always experimenting in the Kitchen! When he's not in the kitchen he loves to be doing anything in or on the water. Tripp's famous line: "I'll be right back, I have to run to the grocery store"

Our Fabulous Event Staff

From the minute your guests arrive, our professional and outgoing service team masterfully employ their years of knowledge to respond to their every need! We adore having a skilled workforce that takes pleasure in working hard and having a good time while doing it just as much as we enjoy making your special occasion more special!

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